ATV Brush Sweepex S219/S220

What does this do?

The Sweepex ATV brush is a non-powered sweeping brush for lighter, more frequent tasks. It mounts onto a Logic System20 chassis (a sub-chassis that fits onto the front of your quad or UTV and allows the attachment of front-mounted equipment).

The Sweepex is tough and no-nonsense and comes in 1.2 (S219) or 1.5m (S220) widths. Quick-attach and with a manual raise and lower system, the Sweepex is brilliant for keeping yards, drives, roadways and paths clean and tidy

Why do I need one?

Makes sweeping an easy, efficient task

How does it work?

The Sweepex brush is easily attached onto the System20 chassis of your quad or UTV. The brush is lowered onto the surface and sweeps the debris into a suitable area or into a pile ready to be picked up using a shovel.

  • 1.2m (S219) or 1.5m (S220) wide brush
  • Manual lift
  • Simple attachment
  • N.B. Requires System 20 chassis for ATV or UTV (contact Logic to determine type and availability)


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