ATV UTV Harrow – Pro-Harrow LPH (paddock)

What does this ATV/UTV Harrow do?

This is a harrow aimed at customers who are looking for a superior harrowing implement. It is far more efficient at removing moss and thatch from grass and has a stronger scarifying action. This makes it better at stimulating grass growth than a chain harrow as it allows more oxygen to get to grass-roots level. Spring tine harrows are also useful when seeding a paddock – harrow thoroughly, sow the seed then roll the surface with a Ballast Roller to firm the seed into the soil.

Why do I need one?

When using a harrow in paddocks, the dead grass is removed and scarifying the soil surface stimulates the growth of healthy new grass. If  re-seeding, the soil surface requires tilling first. All these things will help improve the grazing. If you need to harrow in awkward places (for example, reversing into corners) or easily move the harrow between paddocks, this version is for you.

The Pro Harrow can be used on menages to quickly dress the top surface and  is excellent on all-weather gallops, quickly grading the surface ready for the next session.

  • 2.0m working width
  • 34 Genuine EinbockTM spring tines
  • Transport  wheels allow easy movement between sites
  • Simple manual raise/lower lever
  • 3 position lever to adjust action