Manual Transmission

Get full control when manoeuvring or riding over taxing terrain, with manual shift gear changes and an automatic clutch mechanism.

Electric Shift Program (ESP)

Change gears quickly and smoothly, with a simple push of a handlebar mounted button.

Automatic Transmission

Delivering smooth and seamless automatic gear changes, for effortless acceleration over any terrain.

Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

Our DCT models provide smooth shifts and excellent control by utilising two clutches. When riding, the next gear change is preselected by the second clutch, and ready to go when needed.

Adjustable Preload Suspension

Tailor the ride to suit the load, riding conditions and task at hand, greatly improving comfort and handling.

Independent Rear Suspension (IRS)

Gives increased comfort, greater ground clearance with longer travel shock absorption over tougher terrain, with an improved tow capacity.

Power Steering (PS)

Reduces steering effort and kickback through the handlebar for extended all-day riding comfort, and improved control. The re-mapped ECU also gives greater steering assist at low speed – ideal for lighter riders, or those who enjoy spending long hours in the saddle.

2 Wheel Drive Model

Offers lighter steering, agile handling with increased manoeuvrability.

Traxlok ® (switchable 2/4wd)

Quickly switch between the nimble manoeuvrability and light steering of 2wd, and the go-anywhere traction.

Hi/Lo Gear Range Selector

Delivers more low-down torque, giving plenty of pulling power for heavy loads.

AP Suretrac ™

Delivers torque-sensitive, limited-slip differential for optimum traction in slippery conditions.

Full Differential Lock

Lock the front differential with the push of a button, to drive full power to all wheels – a real benefit in loose or rocky terrain or muddy conditions.

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