UTV/ATV Game Feeder LGF

The standard UTV/ATV Game Feeder LGF hopper has a capacity of 340 litres.
An extended hopper version is available giving a 610 litre capacity.

The standard unit comes with 25×10-12 wheels and tyres, however different wheel/tyre combinations are available depending upon individual requirements.

The standard specification LGF has a remote on/off switch, operable from the driving/riding position.

Mudguards and wheel fenders are also available, as are tonneau covers (different sizes for standard and extended hoppers).

The feed rate is easily adjustable and the spread width is approximately 3m.

Standard Features

  • 340 litre hopper capacity
  • 25×10-12 wheels/tyres
  • Electric on/off remote control
  • Robust electrical mechanism
  • Excellent ground clearance
  • Strong construction – light towing weight



  • Tonneau cover
  • Mudguards
  • Wheel fenders
  • Extended hopper version, 610 litre capacity


Whenever game needs to be fed with flowable feed, such as grains or pellets, the Game Feeder provides the perfect solution. Easy towing is a particular requirement, especially in wooded terrains and over moorland. The LGF copes superbly, having been designed and constructed for rugged durability and yet is light enough not to over-stress the towing vehicle.