UTV ATV Seed Harvester MSH420

The Logic MSH420 UTV ATV Seed Harvester has a 5.5hp Honda engine with a centrifugal clutch which drives a 4′(1.2metre) rotary brush with 150mm long, stiff bristles, designed to sweep the seed heads it comes into contact with into the hopper. The harvester has been developed over a period of years to work on a wide variety of sites and conditions varying from moorland heather to wild flower meadows and coronation meadows.

The large 22×11-8 flotation tyres make it ideal for working on soft ground or rough conditions. The brush has two working height ranges and is variable between 0-350mm and 175-530mm which is suitable for the collection of the vast majority of seed types. The operator has the ability to adjust the height on the move via the switch box controlling the electric actuator, thereby accommodating varying plant heights. The seeds are automatically swept into the 600litre hopper. Once the hopper is full, or the operation finished, it is manually tipped 180 degrees to discharge the seeds into the three, fitted bags, ready for removal and further processing.


  • 1.2 metre working width
  • Large 22×11-8 flotation front tyres and 18×8.5-8 castor rear tyre for use on soft ground/rough conditions
  • Two brush height ranges: 0-350mm and 175-525mm
  • Operator can vary height on the move using cable remote controlled electric actuator
  • 3 position drawbar with maximum offset for collection of untracked foliage
  • Remote throttle cable which is clipped onto the towing vehicle during use
  • Throttle cable ‘park’ to prevent tangles when machine is not in use
  • Easy to start Honda 5.5hp engine with centrifugal clutch
  • 600litre capacity hopper