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JBBT ATV Multiuse Trailer, now in stock.

The BBT is an ATV Multi-tool trailer –  Just one basic unit with several retrofit attachments. The basic unit is designed to pick up and transport large round or square bales. Then by adding the hard easy fit trailer sides you can transform you BBT from a bale transporter into a versatile hydraulic tipping trailer.

The BBT is designed to minimise workload and reduce the need of a tractor or tele-handler. It’s lightweight and low ground pressure design is perfect for protecting paddocks and fields – particularly in the wetter months.

Two short spikes are used to move large square bales or one large spike for large round bales, the easy fit trailer sides are supplied with all trailers and quickly convert the bale transporter into a versatile hydraulic tipping trailer. A 12V double acting hydraulic power pack makes lifting bales and tipping trailer loads easy for everyone!

The Basic unit includes :-

– Bale Transporter – with single or twin spikes.
– Easy attach hard sides.
– All electro-hydraulics.
– Flotation tires.
– Tow bar skid.

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