Arena Surface Grader PG250

The Logic Surface Leveller Grader is quick and efficient at grading a menage or driveway, levelling any surface material.


Arena Surface Grader PG250

The Logic Arena Surface Grader PG250 (Menage Grader) is quick and efficient at grading and levelling most surface material, whether it be simply sand or one of the more sophisticated, softer compositions such as rubber chip.  The optional bar of tines works deeper into the surface than the main levelling blade, mixing and aerating the components. This is essential for rubber chip and bark surfaces and also beneficial for preventing compaction on any sand based surface.

The surface grader can be towed behind a quad bike, which is ideal for this sort of application because of its low ground pressure. The Grader is light to tow and offers ‘one pass’ levelling, this ensures the arena is quickly back to its best, ready for the next session. Logic’s unique design ensures that this grader really does provide the best level surface possible.

Incorporates a rubber buffer to prevent damage

Raise and lower transport lever – easy to operate

2.5 metre width

Perimeter plough  1.1 metre wide used to draw in material kicked up around the boards.

Depth adjustment – allows correct blade setting for various types of surface

Adjustable drawbar for altering the hitch height to suit different towing vehicles

Wheel Track Levelling Kit – essential for a ‘one pass’ system. On any rough surface, the area immediately in front of each wheel is graded to provide a level track to travel on. This provides a stable platform for the mainblade to produce a smooth finish on the first pass

Low ground pressure tyres 20 x 7-8 ensuring all round capability on hard and soft surfaces

Swivel hitch with 50mm ball coupling


Why do I need one?

You have invested a lot of money and effort into your arena: make the most of it by keeping it in the best condition possible! Levelling an arena by hand can take a huge amount of time and is a back-breaking task. In the past, people have dragged an old gate or pallet around the arena to quickly ‘dress’ the surface back to a level appearance. Although this can help smooth out the ruts, it doesn’t combat the build-up of material around the side boards and because it has no way of penetrating through the surface into the depths of the material, it cannot redistribute the subsurface material evenly resulting in the predictable ‘step response’ of your arena surface being lost.

How does it work?

The grader blade has a ‘perimeter plough’ section which opens to allow material built up around the edge of the arena to be pulled away from the boards before levelling. A rubber skid on the outer edge of this section prevents damage to side boards. The optional tines penetrate into the surface, effectively redistributing the material to the chosen depth.

The wheel track levelling skids provide an absolutely level track for the wheels to run on, so preventing any skipping of the blade that can happen if the wheels jump over a particularly big bump. The depth adjustment is easily set, and the unit can be raised and lowered for transport or to allow the unit to be reversed into difficult corners.



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