ATV Chick Feeder LCF

Lays paper and 1500kg of feed in 20 minutes, transforming this time consuming operation into a one person task.


ATV Chick Feeder LCF

The Logic ATV Chick Feeder LCF is used when laying out poultry houses. It has an integrated paper holder which dispenses the paper and at the same time lays out the feed.

Using this unique and novel solution, one person can lay out a poultry shed, complete with 1500kg of feed, in approximately 20 minutes.

The standard LCF hopper has a capacity of 356 litres (approximately 320kg, depending on feed type). An extended hopper version is available with a 625 litre capacity (approximately 500kg, depending on feed type).

The standard specification LCF has a remote on/off switch operable from the driving/riding position. The 12v electrics allow it to be used behind a variety of suitable vehicles.

Standard Features

356/625 litre hopper capacity

Integrated paper holder up to 1000mm wide

Electric on/off

Strong construction – light towing weight

Designed to lay paper and feed in one operation

Saves time and effort in laying out poultry houses


Tonneau cover

Extended hopper version, 625 litre capacity

When using the paper row method to feed chicks, the LCF is unmatched in the speed and efficiency of its operation.

It can not only lay the paper onto the shed floor, but will also dispense the feed at the correct rate. This transforms the job, taking it to a new level of efficiency.

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