BBT 3.0

The BBT is an ATV multi use trailer – which can be used to transport round and square bales and also act as a hydraulic tipping trailer. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK from tough and durable materials making it one of the strongest and robust ATV trailers on the market.


Key Features:

* Flotation tyres to reduce ground compaction and disruption during the wetter months of the year – keeping your gateways and local roads cleaner than ever.

*Fitted with an electronically controlled double acting hydraulic power pack and a 12V leisure battery operated with a simple ‘up / down’ remote.

*The BBT is sold with removable trailer sides and a swinging tailgate which can easily be lifted and slotted into place giving you a versatile hydraulic tipping trailer.  All this makes moving bales and tipping trailers much easier than before.

The BBT is built as a standard with three bale spike bushes giving users the option of a single spike (recommended for round bale users) or a twin spike (recommended for square bale users).

BBT 3.0

The basic unit includes
Bale transporter – with single or twin spikes.
Easy attach hard sides
All electro-hydraulics
Floatation Tires
Tow bar skid