Game Feeder/Broadcaster EBC-TS300PH

The EBC-TS range of spreaders are designed as a top of the range game feeding system.


Game Feeder/Broadcaster EBC-TS300PH

The ATV Game Feeder/Broadcaster was designed as a top of the range game-feeding system with hopper capacities of 85/130/300 litres.

Each unit features a strong all-welded galvanised frame, polyethylene or stainless steel hopper, stainless steel metering unit and corrosive resistant fixings. All these components are designed to achieve good performance over a long life.

The control box allows control of the feed and disc speed which dictates spread width, offering widths of between 3 and 6 metres approximately. The high output metering system allows the operator to easily feed for short bursts and place the feed exactly where it is required. A precision metering system is available as an option and provides accurate distribution of small seeds/game cover/prilled fertiliser.

The spreading disc has 4 vanes rather than 3, with more height than average spreaders to prevent build up of material on the disc.

For similar products see EBC-TS130PH and EBC-TS85PH

Standard Features

300 litre capacity

Powerful 12v DC sealed motor to ensure long life.

Offset motor with gear belt drive which protects the motor.

Adjustable base plate for easy set up on the carrying vehicle.

Stainless steel spreading disc with 4 tall vanes.

2 speed control box to provide 3m or 6m spread widths.

Remote wired control box to allow easy and safe operation from the drivers seat.


LMF101 tonneau cover

Demount or trailed models

Precision metering plate for use with seeds/fertisliser

Other models 85/130 litre capacity suitable for ATV/UTV use.


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