Round Bale Trailer LBT

The LBT trailer makes it easy for one person to transport a big bale out to the fields to feed livestock.


Round bale trailer LBT

The Round bale trailer LBT makes it easy for one person to move big bales around.

Using a clever system of straps and winches and combined with Logic’s superb design, the bales can be picked up, trailed to where you need them (using virtually any vehicle) and unloaded safely.

Why do I need one?

When just one bale needs to be transported the LBT100 ATV Trailer comes into its own.  The bale is quickly loaded by one operator using a simple strap and winch then easily towed to the desired location. Unloading is equally as easy and the bale is ready for use.

How does it work?

The LBT ATV Trailer is a tipping trailer that makes use of a strap and winch system to load a single round bale. During transport, the bale is securely held on the trailer cradle. At the destination, the trailer is tipped under the control of the mechanism to unload the bale at the desired spot. The straps are then removed and the bale is ready for use. The trailer frame is strongly made and fully galvanised for long life and components benefit from Logic’s legendary design and construction, ensuring that they are completely fit for purpose.

Standard Features

600 kg capacity

Low ground pressure tyres (23 x 10.5 – 12)

50mm swivel ball hitch

Bale winch

Tipping mechanism

Designed for one person to load, transport and tip round bales


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