Super Harrow LSH ATV/UTV


Super Harrow LSH

The Super Harrow LSH represents the very best in harrow technology.

It has special spring tines mounted on a frame which ensures that the tines are kept in firm contact with the surface at all times, giving superior dead grass removal and soil scarifying action as well as dressing the surface on the menage or all-weather gallop.

Developed by EinbockTM (the number one brand for agricultural harrows), this technology pioneered organic weeding and plant stimulation methods. The 2.0m width gives good work rates and the tine settings are adjustable to cope with different conditions.

A 12v control box sited next to the operator enables the raising and lowering of the tines via an electric ram.  This means the operator can quickly put the harrow in and out of work mode without leaving the driver’s seat, allowing easy transport between sites and increased manoeuvrability in awkward areas.

The construction benefits from Logic’s legendary strength and attention to detail and the Super Harrow can be towed behind any suitable vehicle.

Standard Features

Superior harrow performance using 52 EinbockTM tines

2.0 m harrow width

4 rows of tines with three adjustment settings

Strong construction

Tow behind any suitable vehicle

Adjustable harrow tine settings to suit various conditions

12v electric ram for remote raise/lower of harrow

The Logic solution gives excellent harrowing results whilst minimising the effects of compaction on the soil structure of the paddock.

Using a Super Harrow will remove dead grass and scarify the soil surface, stimulating the growth of healthy new grass as well as managing the surface of the menage or all-weather gallop.

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