Towed ATV Weed Wiper

The Logic Contact 2000 range is the most advanced and efficient weed wiper (weed licker) system available



The Logic Towed ATV Weed Wiper – Contact 2000 CTF is the most advanced and efficient weed wiper (weed licker) system available.

Designed to be towed behind an ATV or other suitable farm vehicle and the chemical supply pump is powered by the towing vehicle’s 12V electrics. The 60 litre supply tank will carry sufficient chemical (20:1 water:chemical ratio) to treat a very large area, simply because only the targeted weeds come into contact with the chemicals. The work rate for a single 2.5m unit is between 4 and 7 acres per hour, depending on terrain and forward speed.

A unique, contra-rotating brush ensures that each weed plant is liberally coated with chemical, ensuring rapid and effective weed control whilst eliminating chemical wastage and leaving un-targeted plants such as valuable grass untouched. Huge chemical savings can be achieved using Contact 2000 compared with conventional blanket spraying along with the added environmental benefits.

The Contact 2000 system ensures effective measures can be taken against many common weed species (e.g. rush, bracken, thistle, dock, nettles, etc)


Product features

All Contact 2000 Weed Wiper models consist of the trailed brush unit with an offset draw bar facility and the chemical control system. The units can be supplied with a dedicated drawbar mounted chemical supply tank or if the customer also requires an on board boom sprayer, one of the Logic On Board Sprayer Range can be used.

The pump feeds the chemical at a controlled rate via the supplied control unit to ensure the correct saturation of chemical on the brush depending on the weed density. An override button can be used at any point to supply extra chemical to the brush to treat a more dense area of weeds.

With the height set correctly to target just the weed plants which require treatment, the unit is simply switched on to start the brush rotating and the unit is towed across the area needing treatment.

A bout marker is available to provide a visual indicator of the area covered, which is ground driven from the wheel of the Contact 2000.

Two or three gang units (5.0m and 7.5m widths) are available for covering up to 20 acres (8Ha) per hour, where higher work rates are required.

Standard Features

1.5m and 2.5m versions available

Offset drawbar

Chemical control system

Contra-rotating chemical brush

Only targeted weeds treated

Saves on chemical costs compared with chemical spraying

Ensures excellent coverage of weeds with chemical


2 or 3 gang options (5.0m and 7.5m width coverage)

Drawbar mounting kit for 60 Ltr sprayer

Bout marker

Tractor mounted versions available

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