Wessex ATV Flail Mower

The Wessex ATV Flail Mower are built to last and are capable of taking on any job at hand. Control dense vegetation, long grass, brambles and more easily without any need of doubt towards the equipment.


Easily convert your Wessex ATV Flail Mower from side wheels into a rear-wheel configuration in less than two minutes, and with zero tools or extra parts required.

Within our Wessex ATV Flail Mower range, there are three British-built variants of the equipment; AFE Estate, AFX Professional and AFR Contractor. We understand that there is typically better-suited machinery depending on the use. This is why we have expertly designed multiple ATV Flail Mowers for individual cases. Across all three versions, there are shared features and benefits which help with efficiency, leaving a perfect finish.

  • Swing-lock Axle System. Within minutes (and no further equipment or tools required), you can convert your typical side-wheeled ATV Flail Mower into a rear-wheeled allowing for improved versatility across different terrain.
  • Tough, puncture-resistant tyres.
  • Flotation puncture-resistant, Kevlar-lined tyres for long working life.
  • Large diameter with spiral-positioned flails. Ensures an even cut and increased torque for dense vegetation.
  • 5mm deck – shot-blasted and powder coated for durability.
  • Swiveling ball hitch – satisfies health and safety recommendations.
  • Turnbuckle on the drawbar – levels the machine for an even cut.
  • The drawbar can be offset to either side – cut outside of the quad wheels.
  • Kill switch clips to the rack of the ATV – emergency stop within easy reach of the operator.
  • Screw adjustor – simple height adjustment.
  • Rear anti-scalp roller – Eliminates scalping in rough conditions.
  • Powerful Briggs & Stratton (B&S) Engine.


The AFE flail mower with a 13hp V-Twin B&S engine and the automatic clutch has been designed for cutting long grass and vegetation in private grounds, estates; and for less demanding professional applications.


Designed for use in professional applications, the AFX has an 18hp V-Twin B&S engine and a manual clutch with 3 belts to allow the mower to perform in arduous conditions.


Complete with a 23hp V-Twin B&S engine with electric start, manual clutch and forged heavy-duty flails, the AFR will pulverise the densest scrub and vegetation with ease all day long!


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