Wessex ATV Paddock Topper

This Wessex ATV Paddock Topper allows for attachment to quad bikes and utility vehicles. Its natural ability to take on larger projects on slightly rougher terrain isn’t out of the question. Expertly designed by Wessex, this mowers capabilities are endless.




The Wessex ATV Paddock Topper ensures grazing grass is kept short & nutritious, encouraging finer grasses to establish and thrive.
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YouTube :  Wessex ATV Pasture Topper AT110
  • Overall width 1.45m
  • Cutting width 1.1m
  • Cutting height range 50-160mm
  • Weight 128kg
  • Engine 12.5hp Briggs & Stratton
  • Sturdy deck fabrication – Shot-blasted and powder coated for durability
  • Throttle Lever – Clips onto ATV rack for user convenience
  • Adjustable drawbar which can be offset to either side
  • Heavy duty blade
  • Tyres 13 X 5.00-6
  • Simple height adjustment – The AT-110 comes with a simple height-adjustment lifting device. This allows the operator to lift one side of the machine with their foot, leaving both hands free to reposition the wheels to the desired cutting height and secure them with a pin.
  • Centrifugal clutch – Allows the blade to be engaged/disengaged from the seat