ATV Power Brush S215

1.35m wide brush perfect for cleaning yards and around buildings, walkways, drives and roads


ATV Power Brush S215

What does this do?

Mounting this 1.35m wide power brush onto the front of your quad or UTV (you’ll need a Logic System20 chassis attachment to do this) enables the fast and efficient clearing of any yard, drive, road, etc..

The ATV Power Brush is capable of sweeping leaves, dirt, general debris – the dirtier the surface, the better the power brush performs.

Having a System20 front-mounted chassis enables you to fit other attachments as well. There is a snow-plough blade, a yard-scraper and a non-powered sweeping brush which is a lower cost implement for lighter duties.

Why do I need one?

The ATV Power Brush will quickly and efficiently clear any yard, drive or roadway. It will also clear light snow on driveways and paths.

How does it work?

The ATV Power Brush has its own 5.5hp engine and a raise/lower device which can be either manual or electric. Simply start the engine then lower the brush to the surface. There’s a special end brush to get right up to kerbs, walls and so on, plus an accurate height control to ensure correct pressure on the surface and maintains the long life of the brush.

Standard Features

1.35m wide brush

5.5hp Honda engine

Manual lift

Special end brush

Adjustable for left or right

Accurate height control

N.B. Requires System 20 chassis for ATV or UTV (contact Logic to determine type and availability)


Electric lift

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