UTV Power Brush UTS215HR

The Logic UTV Power Brush has a 1.68m rotating brush which is mounted onto a chassis that fits onto the front of a UTV.  The accurate brush height control is easy to set with a fine threaded height adjuster which means that brush wear is kept to the minimum. The standard unit is fitted with an electric lift raise/lower facility which allows the operator to place the brush in and out of work from within the cab via the wired remote control box.

The brush can be used straight or at varying angles to the left or right. This facility is also operated from the in-cab remote control box via a second electric ram.

Product features

The Logic UTS215 Power Brush has a 1.68m working width and a 5.5 hp petrol engine to provide ample power. The unit has a special end brush on one side which allows you to sweep right up to the edge of the kerb, building, etc. and can be set for left or right hand use.The brush is a quick-mount unit, designed to be used in conjunction with a Logic System 20 chassis. The System 20 chassis is mounted onto a suitable UTV (contact Logic to determine the model for your vehicle) and this provides the basis for mounting various attachments, including snow ploughs with widths of 1.5m and 1.7m, a fixed, non-powered brush and a general yard scraper.

Standard Features

  • 1.68m wide brush
  • 5.5hp Honda engine
  • Electric ram lift with accurate height control
  • Electric ram angling adjustable to left or right
  • Electric in-cab controls with separate safety kill switch
  • Special open end brush
  • Park bracket (to prevent brstles bending)
  • N.B. Requires System 20 chassis for UTV (contact Logic to determine type and availability)


  • Snow plough, 1.5 or 1.7m
  • Non-powered brush
  • Yard scraper


The Logic UTV Power Brush is a useful addition to any UTV. It quickly and efficiently makes an impact when sweeping many surfaces from  footpaths and roadways to yards and around buildings. The Logic Power Brush is extremely effective in clearing leaves, grit, mud and general debris as well as soft snow.